Why 6 Pack Abs are Bad For You!

If your main motivation when you hit the gym is getting a ‘6 pack’ we need to have a little chat… First and foremost, those million crunches (leg lifts, decline curls etc) will mess you up!

Alleviate your Back Problem

More than 3-fourths of all adults suffer from lower back pain sometime in their life! So you are either are one of them or know several of them and the complaints that go along with it.

Agnes Ramsay

We are very pleased to introduce you to Agnes Ramsay, Master Trainer from National EMS Trainer Institute!

How to Stay Healthy during the Holiday Season?

By the time you read this you will almost be through the entire holiday season! And with all the extra entertaining and get togethers with friends and family, we know that the reality is that most functions involve food, tasty treats and festive cheer! And I hope that you enjoyed these moments with your loved ones!

5 Tips to Keep Up Your Good Resolutions

When asked about making New Years resolutions, one of my clients told me she refuses because she stated “(they) are simply doomed to failure by the very nature of making it a resolution”. I’d like to say she is horribly wrong, and I certainly don’t like being a negative Nancy, but how are your resolutions going so far?

Seasonal Affective Disorder is real

Last month in Toronto there were less than 50 hours of daylight (I know you Montrealers are thinking that is normal) but there are usually at least 85…and Montrealers didn’t fare any better. And the fact is, we are only just in the midst of these dog days of winter….

Goal Setting

As I sit to write this it is -12 outside and snowing…and it’s mid March. I’m really not one to complain about the weather, I mean, there really is nothing you can do about it, but seriously, it’s starting to feel like enough already.