Why 6 Pack Abs are Bad For You!

Why 6 Pack Abs are Bad For You!

If your main motivation when you hit the gym is getting a "6 pack" we need to have a little chat… First and foremost, those million crunches (leg lifts, decline curls, etc.) will mess you up!

Reason #1:

The most important thing is to have a strong CORE as well as OVERALL body strength and tone. If you have super strong abdominal muscles without balancing with the obliques (side) and lower back muscles, those strong front muscles will pull your body forward causing undue strain on your lower back and neck which will lead to a world of hurt.

Reason #2:

But Agnes, you assert, haven't you heard the saying that 6 pack abs are made in the kitchen, so what are you worried about? Well, you would be mostly right! Even if you are doing all the right CORE training techniques, that strong core will be likely hiding unless your body fat percentage is very low. And for women especially, this can be unhealthy as you would need to dip down below a 10-14% body fat percentage. At this point you are messing with your hormones, under 17% can cause a cessation of your menstruation, eating disorders, fatigue, anxiety and depression. For guys whose body fat percentage runs lower naturally, the downside isn’t so bad. Even so guys, make sure you are still enjoying a balanced diet and are feeling healthy. After all, what’s the point of looking great if you feel lousy?

Reason #3:

All those crunches, etc. (especially those horrible machines at the gym, you know the ones!) will destroy your spine, say hello to back pain! So, don’t let the pursuit of 6 pack abs drive you to distraction. Make sure you are fit and toned all over as there isn’t anything more sexy than looking AND feeling fit!


And now that you know the importance of having it all, come to Studiotec for professional overall body balanced training! You may even get those 6 pack abs without all the downsides!!